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Hendrix Law

Hendrix Law is a real estate foreclosure Law firm in Calgary, Alberta servicing the Province of Alberta and the North West Territories and Nunavut. Hendrix Law was originally established in 1986 as Vickers & Associates, specialized in forclosures, mortgage financing and real estate purchasing and sales. The firm became Vickers Hendrix in 2008 and in 2014 became Hendrix Law. Our core legal practice areas are:

  • foreclosures and enforcement of security
  • mortgage financing
  • real estate purchase and sales
  • wills and estates
  • and civil litigation
Hendrix Law is a full service law firm devoted to providing efficient, effective, responsive real estate & foreclosure legal services to our clients. We invest the same quality, efficient and accountable service to all of our clients whether individuals or National Banks. We also provide general legal services in the areas of:
  • corporate
  • commercial
  • residential tenancy and
  • personal injury law.
All members of our real estate & foreclosure legal team are devoted to creating the most effective, efficient, reliable and exceptional legal practise where
  • we all love to come to work;
  • we are proud of our work;
  • we are all attentive, productive, dedicated and reliable at work;
  • we value excellence;
  • we have actual and real connections with our clients, the bar, the bench and one another;
  • our clients love to work with us;
  • our clients recognize us as leaders in our field, providing the best possible service in the industry, and;
  • our client’s can’t possibly consider working with anyone else.

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  • #500, 707 - 7th Avenue S.W.
  • Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3H6
  • 403.269.9400
  • 403.266.2447

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