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Mortgage Rates On The Rise

We are seeing mortgage rates begin to rise as many Lenders are raising their rates both conventionally and High Ratio. After holding interest rates at record low levels for the past two years, the Bank of Canada (BoC) has dropped a number of hints over the past months that it is ready to finally start … Continue reading Mortgage Rates On The Rise

Proudly Supporting Autism Calgary and Janus Academy

The Janus Academy LogoAutism has hit close to home at ​MortgageTree​, and as such, we have a very specific and heartfelt interest in helping support, and give back to this community. MortgageTree ​donates a percentage of our earnings to assist families with Autistic children through ​Autism Calgary​ and Janus Academy​. Both foundations help to be the voice for families affected by autism, while offering education and support within the community. They are advocates for the best quality of life possible for those with autism and promote the continued research and advancements in treatment options available. We are proud to be committed to this worthy cause. READ MORE