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Supporting Families in Need

Giving back to the Community is a core value HEART within our business. Mortgage Tree donates a percentage our earnings back to assist families with Austistic children.

Autism has hit close to home at ​MortgageTree​, and as such, we have a very specific and heartfelt interest in helping support, and give back to this community. MortgageTree ​donates a percentage of our earnings to assist families with Autistic children through ​Autism Calgary​​.

Autism Calgary is a voice for families affected by autism, while offering education and support within the community. They are advocates for the best quality of life possible for those with autism and promote the continued research and advancements in treatment options available. We are proud to be committed to this worthy cause.

Raising Autism Awareness is a goal at Mortgage Tree.   Each year we come together within our community with key business partners.  We do this through a fun colouring contest.  The contest runs each year through the month of April which is Autism Awareness month.  Last year we reached over 60,000 households and received hundreds of heartfelt stories along with colouring submissions that brought  family, friends and co-workers with a deepened awareness towards people with Autism.

Thank you to our key business partners who share the same passion we do about raising awareness for Autism.  They are Hendrix Law, Precision Hyundai, Orange Theory Fitness Calgary, Autism Calgary and Artist Crystal Salamon.

You can also make a difference by donating to Autism Calgary.

Click here to donate to Autism Calgary